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Macbeth Cast Announced!

Witha magnificent turnout of amazing actors this year, we have cast our production of Macbeth and are very excited about it.

Witch 1:                       Gabriela Llarena
Witch 2:                       McKenna Sennet
Witch 3:                       Shelby Saumier
Hecate:                        Joy Gee
Hecate Witches:         Sinead Kennedy, Angela Rivera
The 6 Witches: Holly Nicola, Jim Lafierriere, Matthew Malone, Tim Sapunor, Lauren Graffigna, Nicholas Friedrich
Duncan: Sarah Palmero
Duncan Attendants:    Sinead Kennedy, Dennis Redpath
Mac Servant/Msgr:     Phoebe Olson
Malcolm:   Bethany Wheat
Donalbain:  Deandre Fritz
Macbeth:                     Brandon Lancaster
Lady Macbeth:           Jackie Martin
Seyton:                        Riley Burke
Murderer 1:               Riley Burke
Murderer 2:Jake Brooks
Murderer 3: Cuautli Quezada-Gardea
Doctor:Jim Lafierriere
Gentlewoman:Caylin Bach
Porter:   Ollie Stokes
Banquo:Thomas Dean
Fleance:Deandre Fritz
MacDuff:Kathleen Poe
Lady McDuff:Lauren Graffigna
Lennox:Cuautli Quezada-Gardea
Ross:Sean Thomas Olivares
Angus:Petra Tafoya
Menteith:Jake Brooks
Caithness:Lauren Ormond
Banquet Attendants:Angela Rivera, Ollie Stokes, Dennis Redpath, Phoebe Olson, Sinead Kennedy
Apparition 1:Petra Tafoya
Apparition 2: Lauren Ormond
Apparition 3:Dennis Redpath
Apparition Kings:         Matthew Malone, Sinead Kennedy, Lauren Graffigna, Deandre Fritz, Angela Rivera, Phoebe Olson, Ollie Stokes, Holly Nicola
Siward:Dennis Redpath
Young Siward:   Ollie Stokes
Bloody Sargeant: Riley Burke
An Old Man: Tim Sapunor
Act 5 Mac mssgr:Sarah Palmero

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