Four people in costume for Macbeth
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Getting closer

As we inch closer to opening night, very exciting things are happening around the theatre.

  • The final details are almost done on the set.
  • Thrones have been built and just need to be painted. These are going to be stunning.
  • Our props engineer is working hard to provide us with all the detail we need to tell our story…and we love it!
  • The fights have been choreographed and are looking good, thanks to our fight director, David Harris.
  • The witchy devised work and final curtain call is in place and so inspired
  • Costume fittings are happening this week and we can’t wait to see them

Tickets are available and seem to be flying out the door, so get in on this now as to not miss out. As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve moved into the Art Court Theatre, a smaller location than the Auditorium. We did this as Macbeth is a show that will benefit from a more intimate experience. We are excited to envelop our audience in the world of the play.

Did I mention sword fighting? And fog?

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