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Cyrano De Bergerac (1997)
by Edmond Rostand

Performance Dates

July 5, 6, 12, 18, 20, 25,  August 1, 3, 9, 1997
8:30 pm curtain


Act One The Hotel Burgoyne Theatre, 1640
Act Two Ragueneau's Pastry Shop
Act Three The balcony & garden of Roxane's home
- Fifteen Minute Intermission -
Act Three The balcony & garden of Roxane's home
Act Four The Siege at Arras
Act Five The Convent of the Ladies of the Cross, 1655

Cast (in alphabetic order)

Aaron Alexander Cuigy / Spaniard
Luis Allen Valvert / Poet 1 / Cadet 6
Cary Anderson Le Bret
Julie Antti Precieuse / Lise / Mother Marguerite
Stephanie A. Azores Foodseller / Sister Claire
Richard Bradley Citizen's Son / Baker's Boy / Drummer
Regan Carrington The Duenna / Sister Marthe
Peter Covington Bellerose / Poet 2 / Bertrandou
Matthew Gallagher Montfleury / Poet 3 / Capuchin / Spaniard
Nicole S. Hayes Roxane
Robin Helmer Pickpocket's Boy / Precieuse /
Sister Marie Therese
Ken Koch Ragueneau
Blair Leatherwood Comte De Guiche
Tonise Love Precieuse / Sister Katherine
Nick McGee Marquis 2 / Cadet 3
Kevin Menager Ligniere / Cadet 2
Peter Playdon Citizen / Poet 4 / Spaniard
Brian Rivera Christian De Neuvilette
Jeffrey Sapp Brissaile / Cadet 5
Anthony Scoggins Marquis 1 / Cadet 4
Amir Sharafeh Pickpocket / Jodelete / Cadet 1
Lars Tatom Cyrano De Bergerac
Stephen Vargo Captain Carbon Castel-Jaloux
Adam Wright Musketeer / Cadet 7

Production Staff

Director Kim McCann
Scenic Design Robert W. Gore
Light Design Steve Jones
Costume Design Christine Cianci
Original Music Todd Barton
Fight Choreographer Andrew Sutherland
Assistant to the Director Edgar Nash
French Coach Matthew Gallagher
Festival Director Lars Tatom
Technical Director Robert W. Gore
Theatre Technician Steve Jones
Production Stage Manager Michael A. Saumure
Assistant Stage Managers Katie Cannon, Edgar Nash
Lighting Technician Frannie Sluka
Sound Technician Chris Donham
Properties Robin Helmer
Carpenters Zach Seeger, Eva Townshend
Assistant Costume Designer Vivian Lima
Bootmaker Mike McGraw
Stitchers Christina Loughery, Michaela Romesburg,
Erika Rugg, Joanna tulley
Costume Maintenance Lenore Justman
Crew John Baxter, Craig St. Clair, Gwen Collins, Damany Fisher, John Gomez-Baxter, Kim Holmes, Jared Lee, Ryan E. Smith, Pamela Vance
Box Office Clerk Janine Vine
Park Clerk Flora Davis
House Managers Donna Andrews, Katie Martin
Photography Bruce Clarke
Graphics Design Frank Zamore
Promotions Lars Tatom
Acknowledgements: Todd Barton of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Derek Jacobi, Lars and all the Boh-Bohs, the Birthday Club, LM Alexander, and J. G.

Director's Notes

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Edmond Rostand's CYRANO DE BERGERAC. With its epic feel, beautiful verse, and richly complex characters, the play is very reminiscent of Shakespeare and therefore seemed the perfect choice for the Festival's first foray away from Shakespeare's canon. Anthony Burgess has written a wonderfully lyrical translation that will transport you to another time and place as it tells the tale of an ugly man with a deeply passionate love that reflects the beauty of his soul. Enjoy!

- Kim McCann, Director